Got a pet dog? Then here’s why you need Id Tags….

Have you got your pet dog id tags?


According to statistics by “PFMA” 24% of UK households have a pet dog…

That’s 7% more than the dogs closest adversary… the cat at 17%.

Together however, that accounts for 31% of households in the UK that have pets.

That’s 16 million pets (UK population) in total!

A whopping number….

Now. How many pets do you think go missing?

Try 60….. every single hour.

Its an alarming rate and here at Vintagek we want to help put a stop to it!


By encouraging pet owners to purchase Id tags…

See if you have a Pet dog or cat the chances of them going missing is DRASTICALLY reduced
simply by putting on a tag with the pets Id engraved on to it.

This can be as simple as 3 lines that include your pets name, address and a contact number.

Pet Dog Id Tags are the way forward and if you click the hyperlink at the beginning of this sentence, you will access our SECRET collection of dog tags, available for any pet….

And it comes with free id engraving!




AND, if that wasn’t good enough…

The id tag itself is also free!

Just cover the shipping and handling and let the vendor do the rest!

You could spend your time browsing through Etsy forums and paying double (sometimes triple) for basic dog tags like most folks….

Or you could take advantage today and have your tags by this time tomorrow (if ordered before 4pm).

Whatever you decided ensure to get your pet dog (or cat) some id tags to keep them safe when wondering around the streets.

With our link above you can get tags for less than the price of a subway, and they ALL come with free ID engraving on to your dog tag.

It could be the difference between finding your pet dog or cat or not!

What will you decide?

Till next time,


Searching for Vintage Industrial Style Dining Tables

The Dining Tables are the Family Space

Having industrial style dining tables in your house is where your family and friends come together.

Talking about the table, a dining table should be picked not only by your preference or simply the chairs you have. Your dining table should be complementing your kitchen and your living room furniture.

industrial style dining tables
oak industrial style dining tables made from oak and steel

The industrial dining table is perfect if you want a contemporary look. Industrial style dining tables are on trend if you want a combination of very dark woods and metals. In other furniture shops, industrial dining tables were made from metal tapered legs and reclaimed floorboards to make it look stylish and a bit vintage. In other areas, industrial dining tables are made from a CNC and laser cut sheet metal bent and bolted together

The Vintage Style is in

In addition to this, there are different types of industrial tables to choose from. For example, there’s a combination of light wood for a Scandinavian look in metal with oblique legs for a vintage touch. This kind of industrial dining table fit in any style. There’s also an industrial table made in Melbourne that is stunningly customized from recycled messmate timber and contains a timber base and steel. It is sized to an ensemble and finished off a Swedish water-based lacquer.

vintage desk lamps
oak vintage desk lamps made with metal and steel

The Industrial Revolution

In America, an Abelwood Rustic Industrial Style Dining Tables in Dark Oak is a conversation starter that looks more than a rustic style. For a modern touch, it was created with metallic contents at table tops’ corners and some details. The metal element that was used here is under the table top for a distinctive appearance. Lastly, this industrial table is supported by a sturdy block leg.

Bedside Lamps Extras

Moreover, industrial dining tables are for relaxed interiors. It is a combination of domestic wood and metal. For a modern feel, there are also glossy types with designs for streamlined rooms.

Aside from industrial dining tables, there are also extendable tables that are ideal for family or group gatherings, high tables, round tables, rectangular tables and square tables. The details you might consider to look out are the slim tabletops, sharp angles, tapering legs and sleek lines. Check out for all handmade industrial furniture.